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  1. Overview
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Once you’ve used our IT Audit Program Generator to complete your custom audit, you may find that some tasks are easier to complete with a commercial tool. For example, manually assessing a firewall would be time-consuming and likely to result in errors. It is easier and more reliable to utilize a tool that can automate a comprehensive assessment, but buying software you only need to use once is costly and unnecessary.

We’ve worked with vendors to offer you low-cost, one-time licenses for some of the best tools on the market. Each of these tools will automate the assessment and generate a detailed report. Our reports are presented in non-technical language, making them easier to share with stakeholders across your organization.

Below is a brief listing of the tools we offer with a one-time license. For a complete list that includes pricing, please consider subscribing to

  • Network Device Configuration Analysis – a comprehensive analysis of a core switch or firewall configuration.
    • Technical review of each setting/configuration
    • Full analysis of each rule.
    • Analysis of risks permitted by existing rules
    • Policy configuration assessment
    • Routing configuration assessment
    • Network settings
    • Assessment of each rule based on named source, service, destination
  • Database Security Assessment – a comprehensive assessment of a database’s security posture.
    • Known database-specific vulnerabilities
    • Database system configuration
    • Privilege Management
    • Object Permissions
    • Access Controls
    • Database and Application Integrity
    • Database patch management
    • Identification and password controls
    • Host operating system integrity
  • Web-Application Assessment – a comprehensive unauthenticated and authenticated analysis of web-application-specific vulnerabilities. The assessment will cover risks in the following categories.

    ·Cross-site Scripting

    ·SQL Injection

    ·PHP File Include

    ·Parameter Deletion

    ·Buffer Overflow

    ·Format String

    ·Microsoft CGI Attacks

    ·CGI Attacks

    ·Remote Execution

    ·Directory/File Traversal

    ·CRLF Injection

    ·Special Parameter Addition

    ·Boolean Parameter Tampering

    ·Blind SQL Injection

    ·Integer Overflow

    ·Information Exposure

    ·Generic HTTP Attacks

    ·Microsoft IIS Attacks

    ·Common HTTP Device Attacks


  • Directory Services Analysis – a complete analysis of Active Directory.  The report provides detailed findings regarding user provisioning, best practice standards, and current settings. 
    • Domain Structure
    • Domain Accounts Policy          
    • Domain Controller Policy Settings (Local Policy)
    • Audit Policy Settings  
    • Event log Settings       
    • Security Option Settings            
    • Group Policy Objects 
    • Password Setting Objects (PSOs)             
    • User Accounts Defined In The Domain 
    • Groups Defined In the Domain               
    • Domain Local Groups and their Members            
    • Domain Global Groups and their Members          
    • Last Logons, 30 Days and Older             
    • 30 Days and Older     
    • Passwords that Never Expire    
    • Accounts not Requiring a Password       
    • Invalid Logon Attempts Greater than 3
    • Users not Allowed to Change Passwords               
    • Accounts with Expiry Date       
    • Rights and Privileges  
    • Descriptions & General Recommendations for Rights        
    • Server Roles and Features        
    • Security Updates, Patches and Hot-Fixes              
    • Current Network Connections 
    • Network Shares           
    • File Permissions and Auditing

Vulnerability Assessment – a technical report of the risks associated with systems assessed for known vulnerabilities.

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