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Most organizations develop IT policies and procedures to govern their IT environments and minimize risk. If you’ve already developed IT governance policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines and you’ve identified* risk mitigation strategies, you may want to compare your approach to the standards and guidelines defined by form IT control frameworks like COBIT or ITIL.

The Control-2-Framework Mapper allows you to analyze your IT governance policies with a minimal amount of time and effort. Whether you must adhere to a certain control framework of you simply want to compare your internal efforts to industry standards, our tool streamlines the process and delivers the results you need. 

Recommended for organizations who have established IT policies, procedures, standards and guidelines for IT governance and have defined IT risk mitigation strategies. If you have not defined IT risk mitigation strategies, refer to our Control Framework Assessment.

The process is easy – enter your controls, select a framework, and answer a few questions. We’ve mapped the following control frameworks and automated the analysis process

Automated analysis – Upload your IT governance documentation and compare it to established IT governance and management frameworks.

Stay on course – It’s easy for minor changes and customizations to pull your organization away from the IT control framework you intended to follow.

Identify problem areas – By comparing your IT risk mitigation strategies to those defined by an established control framework, you can strategically address any weaknesses, saving time and money while enhancing security.

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