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IT compliance management is costly and challenging in today’s highly regulated environment. However, the costs of non-compliance are even higher. Not only do you risk your company’s reputation, but profits can fly out the window if you’re organization is hit with fines.

Businesses need a simple, effective way to review compliance that keeps costs down. That’s why we developed our IT compliance assessment tool.

Use our tool for a quick assessment that compares your IT polices and procedures to five COBIT defined information technology domains with a few simply steps.

For a comprehensive assessment that maps regulations and standards for the financial services, healthcare and energy industries—from GLBA to HIPAA to FERC and many more—our Compliance Assessment Tool will guide you through a detailed online questionnaire that is customized to suit your needs. 

Our quick analysis maps your environment to the following COBIT information technology domains.

  • Information Technology: Evaluate, Direct and Monitor
  • Information Technology: Alignment, Planning, Organization
  • Information Technology: Acquire and/or Develop
  • Information Technology: Delivery, Service and Support
  • Information Technology: Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment

Our comprehensive analysis can map your IT polices and procedures to the following regulatory requirements and industry-specific standards.

  • Financial Services
    • GLBA
    • FFEIC IT Security Handbook
  • Healthcare
    • HIPAA Security Rule
    • HITECH
    • Red Flags Rule
  • Energy
    • North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)
    • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
  • Other
    • PCI DSS 12 Requirements
    • Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)
    • Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
    • SANS Top 10

Avoid fines – Considering the penalties, you can’t think you’re compliant; you must know you are compliant. Our expert analysis makes your level of compliance clear.

Save time – Whether you use our quick assessment or our comprehensive assessment options, you’ll save time over traditional methods of reviewing compliance. And since our system is automated, you’ll be less likely to overlook important details.

Share the information – Our reports are easy to share with the decision makers in your organization who need to be involved in strengthening your information security policies. 

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