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We’ve taken decades of experience as auditors and security experts and distilled it into a powerful, dynamic, database-driven repository for generating IT audit programs. Gone are the days where you had to download static templates, perform unnecessary tasks, waste hours searching the Internet for up-to-date IT audit programs, or spend a small fortune blindly outsourcing your IT audit program.

Simple Enough for Everyone

From one interface, you have access to a tool that suits your needs and can be operated by people in your organization. The depth of knowledge they need is built into our program. If you need additional help completing audit tasks, you can co-source or outsource those services and use our integrated level of effort (LOE) estimates to keep costs in check.

Powerful Enough for the Experts

Our tool is so feature-rich that it helps the experts work more accurately and efficiently. IT audit and security firms rely on it to expand their offerings and deliver high quality results to their clients.

One way we help streamline operations is by linking the tasks in our IT Audit Programs to Client Assistance Requests. Answers to these requests provide the initial evidence required to perform an audit task. Since we’ve built them into our IT audit program, all you have to do is complete the online review of the audit program and send the prepared Client Assistance Request to your client or auditee. It couldn’t be easier for you or your client.

Everything You Need

After you generate your IT audit program, you’ll have a set of audit tasks to complete. In the past, that meant doing even more research to track down the best methods and tools to complete those tasks. We know that you have more important things to do, so our IT Assessment Tools offering provides one-time licenses for commercial assessment tools that can automate the testing necessary to complete certain tasks.

So Simple There’s No Reason Not to Do It

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your organization and audits help keep the backbone aligned with the business. Generating an audit program focuses your efforts on the things that matter to your organization and ensures that important details are not overlooked. We’ve got everything ready for you; all you need to do is get started.

The process is easy. Make a few selections and an up-to-date, comprehensive audit program is generated online. From there, you can review and edit the program, even deleting unnecessary tasks to save time and effort. Once you’re done, the program is created, and our technology-specific audit programs include an assessment of the general computer controls that support the technology.

You can export the program (and any Client Assistance Requests) as PDF, Rich Text, or CSV format documents.

IT Audit Program Categories

  • General Computer Controls
  • Network Device | Appliance
  • Enterprise Application Stack
    • Industry or Business Application
    • Application Supporting Database
    • Application and Database Operating System
  • Database Technologies
    • MS SQL Server – version specific
    • Oracle – version specific
  • Operating System Technologies
  • Other
    • Cloud Computing
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Software License Compliance
    • System Interfaces
    • Virtualization Assessment


Dynamic process – Edit your audit program online to include only what you need for your oganizaiton.

Effort estimates – Whether you outsource, co-source, or do the work in-house, our Level of Effort estimates make it easy to determine the effort required to complete the audit.

Increased accuracy – Static spreadsheets and out-of-date audit programs reduce the effectiveness and accuracy of audits. Start with the most current information available and get the best results possible.

Refined interface – We’ve designed our tools to be simple and powerful. You don’t need to be an expert or invest a lot of time to get expert results.

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