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IT risks are dynamic, so why are so many tools to manage risk static? The Internet is littered with templates, spreadsheets, and PDF forms, but they require significant effort and customization before you can use them. Faced with this drain on resources, many companies avoid a thorough assessment of IT risks, essentially gambling with their data, systems, privacy and security.

Our web application helps you develop an IT Risk Management Plan without straining your staff or your budget.

  • Data and tools with 24/7 availability
  • Anywhere access for your entire team
  • Custom reporting and data collection
  • Secure interface
  • Knowledge repository
  • Risk profile comparison
IT Risk Assesment

The first step in risk management is assessment. Our IT Risk Assessment tool helps you efficiently assess risks, providing the information and metrics needed to make strategic, data-supported decisions about mitigation and remediation.

  • More than two dozen global risk categories
  • Quantitative methodology
  • Secure access for your team

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